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I kept yearning for those good old lazy times in motion pictures. My brothers, and Barbara had at least one son, were all of draft age. And this makes it really rough on the little woman who likes a little attention herself once in a while., In a 1960 interview with the Standard-Speaker of Hazelton, Pennsylvania, Donna suggested, The series is more like my life might have been had I never left my hometown of Denison, Iowa. Well, the camera loved Donna Reed. However, the actress wasn't happy in the marriage and ended up with another man. Ex-wife of William J. Tuttle I think maybe some people just dont realize that there was such a great intelligence there, she exclusively shared. Who Will Replace Mark on 'Live With Kelly' If He Returns to Acting? She studied at Los Angeles City College. Shes strong and steadfast; shes the glue that holds the family together., Elaborates Mary Anne, She was interested, again, because it was another family show and she thought thats why it was so popular. Fact Check: We strive for accuracy and fairness. She confessed no one had asked her that before and noted that Reed's legacy was how she was a part of the American heritage because of her acting roles. A year later she added, We knew it would take a while to build an audience. Its the rapport or the absence of it between actors that makes or breaks a program of this type. And thats what they did around the holidays. Donna Belle Mullenger. Donna Reed's daughter pulled the lid off her late mother's life in a no hold barred interview that featured the late icon. People of this zodiac sign like to have fun with friends, help others, fight for causes, are a good listener and dislike broken promises, being bored, and people who disagree with them. Her first marriage, to William Tuttle in 1943, ended in divorce a year later. By the 1960s, the ranch was used continuously for television and movies. Donna Reed, better known by her family name Donna Reed, was a popular American film and television actress (1921-1986). Visiting Hours: Thursday, May 5, 2016 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. Baker-Swan Funeral Home,Wellsville. The Donna Reed Show. Also, I believe that of all the major movie studios of the Golden Age, MGM really and truly trained their young people better. The duo made a $50 bet, which Barrymore lost after Reed milked the cow. Again, almost like out of a fan magazine of the 30s, an MGM talent scout saw her in a play at Los Angeles City College and she got signed to a small MGM contract., One of Donnas four children is Mary Anne Owen, who muses in an exclusive interview, I always feel that people dont understand how intelligent she was and how she easily could have been a college professor if she hadnt won that beauty contest at City College. Donna Reed received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1954 for the film From Here to Eternity. Be sure to check out and subscribe to our Classic TV & Film Podcast for interviews with your favorite stars! I mean, she passed away in 86, but by the early 80s it was on constantly and we always watched at Christmas. With appearances in over 40 films, Reed received the 1953 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Lorene Burke in the war drama From Here to Eternity. Closer Weekly is part of the a360media Entertainment Group.Copyright a360media 2023. As was James Stewart actually blaming its failure on Donna Reed. Timothy is the Far Horizons alums second son. On Aug. 21, 1946, she married Dale Paul Reed on . I thought, This is my time with Mom, not yours.'. Not long ago my younger son Timothyhe's 12 nowcame in to me with his homework assignment. It took time to develop an interplay between us that smacked of realness. Another film comes to mind with the same kind of history, which isThe Wizard of Oz. Films like "The Picture of Dorian Gray" (1945), "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946) and "From Here to Eternity" (1953) made her famous. See Chef Giada De Laurentiis Beautiful Bikini Photos, subscribe to our Classic TV & Film Podcast, Emma Hemming Shares Sweet Video of Bruce Willis Prior to FTD Diagnosis, Chris ODowd Reflects on Career, New Comedy and Filming Bridesmaids. We would think it was considering that 70 years later we still watch it all the time. CONTENTS: THE ADDAMS FAMILY THEME BANDSTAND BOOGIE THEME FROM BEN CASEY THEME FROM BE. During World War II, she exchanged correspondence with army boys, keeping their spirits high as they fought in the war. My father was the principal architect and she had her hand in it. She said: "You would, of course, imagine after a performance like that is a great film that holds up so well, it would make a difference. Donna was employed in TUSD for many years and. . Donna Reed (born Donna Belle Mullenger; January 27, 1921 - January 14, 1986) was an American actress. That comes as no surprise because the late TV show host was legendary for keeping to her Midwest roots. Discover what happened on this day. After falling in love with Tony, a former agent and producer, the couple tied the knot in 1945. For the show, the Hollywood couple reviewed hosts of suggestions before they settled on an idea that came to define the television celebrity's career - "The Donna Reed Show." She didnt have my father to protect her and the business had become a different kind of business and they did not treat her with any kind of respect., Sadly, toward the end of 1985, Donna was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I mean, she was only 25 and I think she signed her MGM contract at 21. Penny Jane was often spotted out with her mom when she was a child, but shes seemingly slipped out of the spotlight since. She took a chance, says Geoffrey, and she allowed herself to break the mold to get out of being typecast. Donna Reed Wiki Biography. The backstory of this 1946 Christmas classic is World War II, just over and still haunting its cast. Donna Reed was born on January 27, 1921. Finally, in 1968, I heard the siren call of McCarthy. Donna Reed was born in 1920s. Donna Reeds birth sign is Aquarius and she had a ruling planet of Uranus. Reed also didn't stay single until death after her divorce from her second husband. Fortunately, she had four incredible kids to honor her memory. Short Bio Donna was born January 27, 1921 in Denison, Iowa. They were taught how to walk, how to wear fashions, how can you sit down gracefully like a model would, how to read lines, how to sing, how to dance. The "Wonderful Life" star only became a mother when she married Tony, her second husband. Well, the camera loved Donna Reed. In 1953, she received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Lorene Burke in the . aged 64years old, Buried - Westwood Village Memorial Park Cem., Los Angeles, CA. The initials "G.I." She said, " she took it seriously and didnt want to just play for laughs. Donna Reed's husband was born in Illinois on May 2, 1907, as Anthony I. Owen. This page is updated often with latest details about Donna Reed. And behind the scenes, she had to walk a line, because she was simultaneously Paul Petersen and Shelley Fabares boss and playing their mother while at the same time having another family she had to deal with at home. L'arbre Everyone participated in the war effort, but especially those two and they were gone from Hollywood for four or five years. rootsweb: Click Here Until 1974. Celebrate the life (1921-1986) and enduring legacy of the Oscar-winning actress Donna Reed, who was born 100 years ago in Denison, Iowa. Instead, she just kept getting supporting roles. They just didnt know what to do with her. Especially because The Donna Reed Show is part of the Golden Age of television. Donna Reed's full name is Donna Belle Mullenger and her nickname is Donna Reed. Well, they made sure that the character of Donna Stone was intelligent, educated, adored her husband and gladly suffered the eccentricities of her children., While researching being a wife of a pediatrician, Donna told the media, I discovered that being a mother and married to a doctor has more complications than a case of the mumps. He didnt change and neither did I. September 19, 1965 - May 1, 2016. {{ media.date_translated }}, {{ asCtrl.bannerRights.content|translate }}, The Geneanet family trees are powered by Geneweb 7.0. Some of her forebears were Canadian-born. Donna passed peacefully with her children by her side following a brief illness. The late Donna Reed was once married to Tony Reed, and together they had four children. Donna Reed, Marriage & Family Therapist, Sacramento, CA, 95816, (916) 436-8348, I understand the reluctance many clients may feel when dealing with personal issues and relationships in a . $10 Million Donna Reed Wiki Biography. She was best known for being a Movie Actress. Observes pop culture historian and The Lucy Book author Geoffrey Mark, I think the story of Donna Reed is almost a clich. We believe in the kind of ridiculous happy ending, becauseshebelieves it.. If you see something that doesnt look right, contact us. Here's What Happened to 'The Donna Reed Show' Star Carl Betz, Exclusive: The Truth About Donna Reed Revealed by Her Daughter, Your Guide to 101 Classic TV Shows of the 1950s, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Out for a Swim! He worked as a producer for shows like "The Donna Reed Show," "The Traveling Saleswoman," and "The Way Out.". Even though Tony Jr. preferred to live life out of the spotlight, he thoroughly enjoyed visiting Donna who was also married to her third husband, Grover Asmus, from 1974 to 1986 on the set of her hit TV series The Donna Reed Show. In the film, she played Alma "Lorene" Burke, girlfriend to Montgomery Clift's character, Private Robert E. Lee "Prew" Prewitt. Upon the film's release, Mr Stewart blamed the film's failure on Ms Reed. Donna Reed (born Donna Belle Mullenger; January 27, 1921 - January 14, 1986) was an American actress. Sadly, Donna died at age 64 following a short battle with pancreatic cancer in January 1986. Donna Joyce Reed, 76, a 20-year resident of Whidbey Island, died July 19, 2005 at Whidbey General Hospital. How many novels, how many stories, how many films, how many Broadway shows have been written about that situation? Family, friends, and communities turned out to honor her and from that gathering the Donna Reed Foundation for the Performing . Donna L. York. She made her screen debut in The Getaway (1941), followed by supporting roles in Apache Trail (1942), Gentle Annie (1944), They Were Expendable (1945),. This curated image gallery will showcase some of the sexiest donna reed bikini pictures that will. In 1958, though, Donna didnt seem too worried. There was a lot of insecurity on the set, because Jimmy Stewart wasnt sure if he wanted to act anymore. Whos the richest Movie Actress in the world? Wife of Anthony I. Owen and Grover Woodrow Asmus The Clinton Chapel Snell-Zornig Funeral Home & Crematory is assisting with arrangements.. She played the role of Mary. She was such a strong woman. But their personal lives are very different. With its large, loud protagonist and her messy family life, ''Maude'' was presented as a realistic contrast to the perfection of such TV mothers as Donna Reed and Harriet Nelson. Reed was born Donna Belle Mullenger on January 21, 1921, in small-town Denison, Iowa. In fact, Donnas son Tony Jr. remembers how his mom always showed up for their family. Reflecting on that period, the star's daughter, Mary Anne Owen, also expressed her confusion in a recent interview with "Closer Weekly." Of course, my go-to is always Lucille Ball. She is beloved and will be greatly missed by her husband Reggie, her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and siblings. He sadly passed away on May 15, 1984, at age 77 at the Eisenhower Medical Center, and a memorial service was held for him in Beverly Hills. And while James Stewart is a wonderful actor, as are all of the actors in Its a Wonderful Life, it is my belief that Donna was the heart of the movie. Edward Norton. We won't post to any of your accounts without asking first. Tony Jr. is also the president of the Donna Reed Foundation for the Performing Arts in Denison, Iowa. We collect and tell stories of people from all around the world. Despite having a career spanning over 40 years, the Its a Wonderful Life stars main focus was being the mom of her four kids, Mary Anne, Tony Jr., Timothy and Penny. So different and she wins the Oscar, but the films that come after it are the same old, girl next door, supportive wife. Nothing she did before 1946 is anything we look at to dangle, Wow, what an incredible picture. We may enjoy her performances, but the movies, maybe with the exception of The Picture of Dorian Gray, werent iconic. The exams are over. The actress led a long and illustrious life, but it sadly came to an end with her death in 1986. three ducks - donna reed stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. The set was about six blocks but looked much larger on camera shots. But at the American Film Institute life achievement for Frank Capra, a lot of my students were there and one, who, by the way, is a big writer in Hollywood now, came up to Donna Reed and said, I cant tell you how hard youve made it for every female that I ever meet in my life. She was so thrilled, she kissed him. The film recorded a loss of $525,000 at the box office and for the most part everyone involved moved on and forgot about it. Mom had a great attitude about doing it, says Mary Anne, but in truth, she wasnt old enough to be Larry Hagmans mother and, besides that, the show was starting to go downhill, though not because of her. That aside, the starlet also had a kind heart. The strengths of this sign are being independent, original, while the weaknesses can be running from emotional expression, temperamental and uncompromising. So, she adds, there was this insecurity on the set and mom was really not that well known. They first met when they were up-and-coming theater actors in 1932, and they remained friends until Fonda's death in 1982. Like his sister Mary, Timothy also pursued a career in Hollywood. The "From Here to Eternity" star explained that it had "always a difficult marriage.". As she commented to The Evening Times of Sayre, Pennsylvania, I just feel the same as I did when I graduated from college. Like many famous people and celebrities, Donna Reed kept her personal life private. is military terminology referring to "Government Issue" or "General Issue". Soon after she signed a long-term contract with Columbia where she made a string of 'B' pictures. A doctor cant close the door the moment he leaves his office. Per IMDb, hes best known for his roles in Ill Take You There, Never Forget the Brave and The London Firm, among many more. Reed was active in the entertainment industry from 1941 to 1985. Patty Petersen, now known as Patti Petersen Mirkovich, was born on December 2, 1954 in Glendale, California. See GMA Host Lara Spencers Bikini Photos, Having Fun at the Beach! Stardom back in the Golden Age of Hollywood was a strange thing. She participated in Los Angeles City College plays while pursuing a career in film acting. Please fill in your e-mail so we can share with you our top stories! The actress, who starred in "It's a Wonderful Life "and "From Here to Eternity," was looking for a role that differed from the "goody, goody girl roles" she had been pigeonholed into early in her career. Shes a wonderful modern-day heroine. However, the actress wasn't happy in the marriage and ended up with another man. Reed said she and Tony had different temperaments and that she'd stayed for all those 26 years because of the children. Pop-culture historian and The Lucy Book author Geoffrey Mark also has a bit to say about Reed and how her role in the film was quite possibly what made the movie shine. See Her Beautiful Bikini Photos, Inside Dr. Phil and Wife Robin McGraw's Sprawling Beverly Hills Home, Headed to the Beach! ", Actress Donna Reed and Tony Owen attend Helen Hayes Party on June 25,1956 in Los Angeles,CA. He believes that the world would be better off without him and his guardian angel, Clarence, gives him the opportunity to see what life would really be like for others with George not being around. He blamed her, because she wasnt as well known. During the 1950s, Captain Midnight, Father Knows Best, The Donna Reed Show, and Dennis the Menace were filmed here. The late Donna Reed was once married to Tony Reed, and together they had four children. Donna Reed is American by birth. Shutterstock. In our series, the wife doesnt always have the last word.. Donna became a mother during her second marriage with ex-husband Tony Owen. You get to a point where you say to yourself, Is this how Im going to spend the rest of my life?, Donna did step in front of the cameras one more time, assuming Barbara Bel Geddes role as Miss Ellie Ewing on Dallas, Bel Geddes leaving because of reported health (some say contractual) issues. ", Actress Donna Reed poses at home on May 6,1954 in Los Angeles,CA | Photo: Getty Images. She had this to say to the Allentown, Pennsylvania publication: Getting divorced was terrible. So Donna plays Donna Stone, a trained nurse who married a doctor she meets. See GMA Host Lara Spencers Bikini Photos, Having Fun at the Beach! Instead, in 1974, she married Army Colonel Grover Asmus, a retired Army colonel who was General Omar Bradley's last chief of staff. | Photo: Getty Images, In the interview, the 63-year-old actress said that she came to see her mother was someone who was "finally in control of her career.". She was all over the fan magazines, she was getting enormous publicity from MGM., All of this, he emphasizes, was happening during World War II, which was important to note due to the fact that at the time films had to be almost female-centric since many of the male actors, unless they were too old or disabled, were away at war. Early to bed and early to rise is routine when youre doing a TV series as well as on the farm. Tony and Reed's daughter figured that working on "The Donna Reed Show" was so rigorous that her parents couldn't make things work anymore. We believe that every person's story is important as it provides our community with an opportunity to feel a sense of belonging, share their hopes and dreams. Donna is survived by her sons Maurice (Melissa) McCall, James (Annette) Sims III, Jermaine (Anita) Sims and goddaughter LaNayla Holt. A private family memorial service will be held at a later date.. Despite having a career spanning over 40 years, the. ", Actress Donna Reed and her husband Film Producer Tony Owen dance at the opening night for Tony Martin at the Cocoanut Grove in Los Angeles,CA. We are all related! She was able to play all kinds of parts, he adds, although, like June Allison, she often played the goody-goody girl next door. I saw my parents every day, and we ate dinner at night around the table, he shared with The Daily Nonpareil in June 2007. She was a co-star in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life. $5.65. That marriage also ended. But it was also terrible being married. Free shipping. She grew up on a farm in Iowa and used her farm knowledge to her advantage. Her career spanned more than 40 years, with performances in more than 40 films. It was always a difficult marriage. Donna Joy Reed, age 74, of Clovis, California passed away on Thursday, November 17, 2022. Whether or not Donna was that warm in her personal life, doesnt matter. But it was in 1958 that she made her TV series debut in The Donna Reed Show. These women were writing speeches and strategizing on how to reach across political lines, she continues. I mean, youre talking about somebody who later in life, after her children were mostly grown and out of the house, divorced, which you cant quite imagine Donna Stone ever doing. Someone suggested a show about an elevator operator in the Empire State Building with a new episode on every floor. I, of course, am the wife. We hope you enjoy it! It might become unfashionable. Suddenly everything clicked and the result was The Donna Reed Show, which cast her as Donna Stone, wife to pediatrician Dr. Alex Stone and mother to their children Mary (Shelley Fabares) and Jeff (Paul Petersen). Because, you know, that was always the big question., Although Donna would make a number of films throughout the rest of the 1950s, in 1954 she first appeared on television in the anthology Ford Television Theatre, followed in 1955 with Tales of Hans Christian Anderson and 1957 in General Electric Theater and Suspicion. It was hard work on the farm and there were years that were so busy, she detailed, then chores were combined with the job of painting the house and barn, for instance, but I never thought anything could be more strenuous or time-consuming until I started working on TV. When is Donna Reeds birthday? the outer planets, Neptune and Pluto, were not yet discovered, since the telescope had not yet been invented. Her parts got larger and she became a movie star. You see, Im hopeful that there are lots of people in this country who will tune in a good series of family life, regardless of what else may happen to be on the air, she said. In this Guideposts Classic from September 1962, beloved actress Donna Reed shares how her father's courage and strength taught her to rely on God. Donna Reed was 25 years old at the time of filming Its a Wonderful Life. And Donna had a wonderful quality about her as an actor. On June 10, 1961, he was married at West Plains, to Mary Callahan. James Marlind Whiteside James Marlind Whiteside James Marlind Whiteside, 86, West Plains, Missouri, passed away at 8:30 p.m., Saturday, February 25, 2023, at his home. It was a great experience for her and a good transition from the show to using her Hollywood power and giving something back., In a 1971 interview with The Los Angeles Times, Donna related how, despite being a lifelong Republication, she had gotten turned off by President Johnson and the bombing of Vietnam. Advertisement Associated Press. So in response, she and my father formed their own production company and made a couple of movies before trying television. In a strange turn of events, that was the last significant role the Hollywood icon had for a long time. Celebration of Life Service: Friday, May 6, 2016 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Fire Hall, Andover Their daughter described Tony Owen as the "principal architect. The non-profit organization, which was created after his moms death, grants scholarships to performing arts students and much more. Donna Reed (January 27, 1921 - January 14, 1986) was an American film and television actress and producer. In so many TV situation comedies the man of the house is nothing more than a good-natured, lovable blunderbuss. While on the set of "Its a Wonderful Life," the actress was challenged by Lionel Barrymore's claim that she couldn't milk a cow. She was so happy that it was so popular.. The former Dallas star was in the prime of her career when she was raising her children, but Donna never let her gigs get in the way of spending time with her kids. Actress Donna Reed poses at home in Los Angeles,CA | Photo: Getty Images. Relationship with Timothy Michael Dowling (Sosa/Ahnentafel #1), Relationship with William Julian Tuttle (spouse), Relationship with Anthony I. Owen (spouse), Relationship with Grover W. Asmus (spouse), Browse using this individual as Sosa/Ahnentafel #1, , born 13April1912 - Jacksonville, Duval Co., FL, deceased 27July2007 - Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles Co., CA aged 95years old, , born 2May1907 - Illinois, deceased 12May1984 - Riverside, CA aged 77years old, , born 2January1926 - New Jersey, deceased 11October2003 - Palm Desert, Riverside Co., CA aged 77years old, buried - Sect V, Row G, Site 306, U.S. MIlitary Academy, West Point, NY, Sources: Dowling Family Tree - Tim Dowling - rootsweb, 2001-2015 - - electronic - I62201, Marriage (with William Julian Tuttle) - Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, Marriage (with Anthony I. Owen) - Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Co., CA, Divorce (with Anthony I. Owen) - Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, Marriage (with Grover W. Asmus) - Los Angeles Co., CA, Death - Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Co., CA, Burial - Westwood Village Memorial Park Cem., Los Angeles, CA, List of all individuals in the family tree, {{ 'gw_downgraded_access_back_to_max'|translate }}, Born 27January1921 - Denison, Crawford Co., IA, Deceased 14January1986 - Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Co., CA, Who is James Stewart's best friend? Donna Reed's husband was born in Illinois on May 2, 1907, as Anthony I. Owen. She was quite happy when it came out. Four-and-a-half . That alone accounted for a great deal of improvement in the episodes., Abc/Screen Gems Tv/Todon/Kobal/Shutterstock, Says Mary Anne, The show represented a good balance between her mind and her heart. Donna Reed was born in the Year of the Rooster. Donna initially made her name and her career starring in some of the most important films of the 1940s and '50s, most notably It's a Wonderful Life and From Here to Eternity. It's A Wonderful Life (1946) VHS James Stewart, Donna Reed - Christmas Family. They must have great tolerance and be expected to do the unexpected as an everyday norm. Both were born and raised in Iowa. all of which include the trademark logo the Sunflower with the statement: War is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things. Another Mother for Peace does not take positions on issues other than Peace. James Stewart maintained a 50-year friendship with actor Henry Fonda. At the end of the war, more than 300 letters from soldiers were found in a shoebox in her garage. Incessantly. She was the oldest of five children. Her countless movies include for example The Courtship of Andy Hardy, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and From Here to Eternity. Donna Marie Reed, of Monroe, Louisiana, passed away with family by her side on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, at the age of 75. The Donna Reed Foundation for the Performing Arts: Created to honor her accomplishments and keep her dream alive by recognizing, encouraging, and supporting talented individuals pursuing an education and career in the performing arts. Starring Donna Reed, Carl Betz, Shelley Fabares Genres Comedy Subtitles English [CC] Audio languages English Generation. Bruce Willis Is Surrounded by Love and Family Amid Dementia Battle, Bruce Willis Family Is Heartbroken After His Dementia Diagnosis, Sailor Brinkley Cook Is Excited About Being Part of the Next Generation, Sean Kanan Suffered Scary Emergency on The Karate Kid III Set, Sailor Brinkley Cook Says Mom Christie Brinkley Is a Big Inspiration, Cary Grants Best Quality Was His Humility, Wife Barbara Jaynes Says, The Reason Why Acting Icon Estelle Parsons Agreed to Star on 'Roseanne'. Its a Wonderful Life (VHS, 1993) Colorization Version James Stewart Donna Reed. Well have our usual end of the season party. She was born on a farm near Denison, Iowa, and was the first of five children. Donnas daughter Mary Anne followed in her moms famous footsteps and pursued a career as an actress. In late 1985, the actress was sadly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I mean, they hired Ida Lupino to direct a couple of episodes, and I think because mom grew up on a farm there was really no distinction between the work of boys and girls unless it was just impossible for a girl to do it. One of Donna's four children is Mary Anne Owen, who muses in an exclusive interview, "I always feel that people don't understand how intelligent she was and how she easily could have been a. . Donna reed was born in the midwestern town of denison iowa on january 27 1921 as donna belle mullenger. When I watch The Donna Reed Show, I always see this kind of underlying subtext of her finally in control of her career and not having to worry about what bra she had to wear. There was a lot of insecurity on the set, because Jimmy Stewart wasnt sure if he wanted to act anymore. While the plot of the film touches audiences now, it didnt back then. Her career spanned more than 40 years with performances in more than 40 films. Tony also made several feature films like "Beyond Mombasa," which starred Reed. Again, not something you could associate with that character. Donna Reeds legacy, beyond her filmography and, of course,The Donna Reed Show,includes the organization Another Mother for Peace, a California non-profit corporation with several purposes: to preserve the legacy of Another Mother for Peace, to educate the public to take active roles in eliminating war as a means of solving disputes among nations, people, and ideologies, and to be dedicated to the principle that war is obsolete that civilized methods must be creatively sought and implemented to resolve international differences; to strengthen American democracy by promoting dialogue between the people and elected representatives in promoting peace; and to distribute educational material by mail, electronic mail, internet, and in-person, i.e. Donna, better known as Grana, was born March 10, 1947, in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Astrologers and astronomers could only work with planets visible to the eye. Daughter of William Richard Mullenger and Hazel Jane Mullenger As we got to know each other better, we developed a smoothness that gives the viewer the feeling that this is a real family. gnalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, She felt the iconic actress had a consistent quality that was profound, real, and nice. I just couldnt bear the idea of small children having a stepfather. Linked to: Timothy Michael Dowling, 11th cousin, {{ mediasCtrl.getTitle(media, true) }} Mary Owen, the daughter of Hollywood star Donna Reed, reflects on the legacy of the iconic holiday classic film and how the actress stayed connected to our American troops during WWII. She was the perfect choice for this part.